Scientists Say This Birth Trend Poses Serious Health Risks

Scientists Say This Birth Trend Poses Serious Health Risks

When it comes to birth and pregnancy, trends are just as common as they are in the fashion world.

Whether these trends are hundreds of years old and are just now reemerging into modern society or are common practices that simply get more media attention today, it’s still important to do legitimate research before adopting any practices that haven’t been given the green light by your doctor.

Most recently, the seeding birth trend has come under fire for a few reasons. Seeding, or micro-birthing, is the process where a baby born from Caesarian section gets his or her face, body, and mouth swabbed with fluid from the mother’s vagina.

According to various mommy blogs and an article published by Daily Mail, mothers hope this will help the baby’s immune system to “make sure their babies don’t miss out.”

Scientists, however, say babies aren’t missing out on much of anything good. In fact, medical experts are now warning that there’s “no evidence it helps, and could actually transfer harmful bacteria.”

What kinds of harmful bacteria, exactly?

The BBC cites several types, including group B strep, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes, which can all be transferred through seeding.

Until sound evidence exists, doctors suggest forgoing this trend, as the proven risks outweigh the theorized benefits.


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