Should Pregnancy Come With Transport Privileges?

Should Pregnancy Come With Transport Privileges?

You know those spots in the parking lot or on the train that are supposed to be for pregnant women or disabled people? As you probably know, they don’t always go to people in need.

Most of us may not think to do much about that, but Jayda Chapman just couldn’t deal with it anymore. That’s why the very-pregnant Australian started taking photos of people who took the priority seating areas in public transportation—and posting them online.

A few weeks ago, she boarded a crowded train in Brisbane and saw a Queensland Rail employee sitting in the spot.

“There’s nothing worse than being 27 pregnant and not even a Queensland Rail worker will get off a seat designated for pregnant, seniors or disabled people,” she reportedly wrote on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time that somebody got ticked off enough to complain about disobedient travelers’ transgressions. One woman gave a man an award for lending the expectant mother his seat. I’ve seen people post pictures of poor parking attempts online, which some call cyberbullying. Though some women insist they don’t want the seats because pregnancy is not a disability, others feel they are owed the courtesy of a priority spot.

Looking to nab a seat? There’s an app based in Japan that matches pregnant women with people willing to give up their seats. In New York, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) makes “Baby on Board” buttons available so other travelers know when pregnant women are getting on the subway and looking for a seat.

Of course, you could always go with Chapman’s route and call out the rule-breakers online–if nothing else, it may make for an interesting post.

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