What My Sun Sign Taught Me About Love

What My Sun Sign Taught Me About Love

Maybe it’s time to start paying attention to the horoscope page in your favorite magazine…

Flip through almost any lifestyle magazine and you’ll find it—the horoscope page. Don’t pretend like you don’t get a little giddy with excitement. Humans are naturally interested in the future and where they’ll be down the road. The descriptions vary, sometimes they’ll tell you when your getting your next promotion, when you and a friend are going to have a spat, or that you better shave tonight because you’re going to meet the man of your dreams at the bar in a few hours.

Humans have been studying the sky since ancient times, and recently horoscopes have found their way into pop culture. Astrology is the study of the stars and planets, and includes the development of “natal horoscope charts.”

Astrologists use the time and location of someone’s birth to create this unique chart containing personal information about that person’s traits and compatibility characteristics. The sun sign is determined by the time of the year a person is born. There are twelve signs of the zodiac that each has unique personal traits attributed to each that you may or may not think agree with you. For example, I’m a Cancer. I’m the one with all the feels. It’s accurate. Truly, I’m worrisome, nurturing, clingy, affectionate, always seeking security, etc. There are positives and negatives.

Last summer, my cousin, who also shares an interest in zodiac signs, found a book in our grandma’s closet. She struck gold. It was Linda Goodman’s Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart. I had never even heard of Goodman, but when I asked my mom about her, she proceeded to tell me that she was basically the love guru of our time, based on her astrological research on how certain sun signs interact with others romantically. My cousin and I spent many nights pouring over that book together (it’s a hefty 944 pages), intrigued by all the detail that Goodman included to really dig deep into a pair’s compatibility. The book is organized very well—each section has in depth analysis of a pair of male and females for each sun sign.




Naturally, we raced to find the birth dates of every boy we had ever dated to see if Goodman thought we would make a good match. We got so excited when we found a description of the relationship’s emotional or sexual dynamic that matched our own. Once, I dated a Leo and found that his fiery temper and inflated ego didn’t compliment well with my emotional needs and silent control of the relationship. However, there were positive aspects of the relationship that Goodman touched on, which amazed me—it’s like she was reading my mind!

So now, whenever I become romantically involved with a guy, I immediately Facebook stalk to find his birthday and “Ask Laura” if a relationship will last or if storms are on the horizon. I sometimes do this with friends, too. Though sun signs are not totally scientifically proven, they do offer a certain insight into someone’s personality that could be helpful to understand how that person might think or react to certain situations.

Though some may think they’re a joke, I don’t. Especially thanks to Linda Goodman and the conviction with which she writes about zodiacs and compatibility.