Parents Wanting a Change Start the #ClothesWithoutLimits Campaign

Parents Wanting a Change Start the #ClothesWithoutLimits Campaign

It’s no secret that girls’ clothing can be incredibly sexist. After all, popular department stores carry shirts for elementary school-aged ladies that say things like, “Training to Be Batman’s Wife” and onesies for babies that read, “Pretty Like Mommy.” However, many parents (moms in particular) find themselves in a bind: Where can they find clothing that’s more empowering for their daughters, especially if these young girls don’t necessarily identify with feminine stereotypes (like pink or ruffles), or they want to identify with things other than being “pretty”?

That’s where #ClothesWithoutLimits comes in.

Founded by a group of mothers hoping to empower their own daughters (and daughters around the world), #ClothesWithoutLimits hopes to raise awareness about the restrictions that exist in girls’ clothing sections and the impact they have on women as they grow up. A t-shirt that says “Too Pretty to Do Homework” may seem harmless, but it could have long-lasting effects on a young girl’s views of her self-worth and abilities.

How can you get involved with the #ClothesWithoutLimits campaign? There are a couple of simple and easy things to do:

  • Use the #ClothesWithoutLimits hashtag on social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) taking a picture of your child in clothing you think properly lets them shine. You can also email photos to
  • Take the #ClothesWithoutLimits pledge on the campaign’s website.
  • Check out the campaign sponsors and shop at places that support being mindful of the messaging on all children’s clothing.

It’s empowering to think about how a simple wardrobe change could make all the difference in the outcome of a child’s life.

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