One Video Proves Why We Need Better Sex Education

While this video is hilarious, it’s also truly telling of how bad sex education is in America. What should exist is a comprehensive education that includes information on sexual development and reproduction, contraception and birth control, relationships, and sexuality. Young adults need to know about more than just sexually transmitted infections. For example, they should be taught the physical and emotional changes that also come with puberty, the different kinds of birth controls available, what a healthy relationship looks like, and the many various sexualities.

Here are some stats on current sex education and the adolescents that it affects:

To keep America’s youth educated and healthy, they need to know how their bodies work. This also includes how their bodies work with other bodies. The numbers of unsafe, uneducated teenagers needs to keep dropping. The best way to do that is to have open and full communication with kids today! They will learn it from somewhere, so why not make sure they receive an accurate education?

There are tons of different places that publish supportive and constructive sex ed information. Sex, etc! is a website by teens for teens that works to keep a positive and constructive conversation around sex education. Other groups such as Advocates for Youth, Pro-Choice America,, and are also very supportive of sexual education in schools. Of course, one of the most important places for teens to find their information is at home; there are a plethora of resources for parents to use to assist teaching their teens!

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.