Must-Have Wearable Tech Products for Pregnant Moms

Must-Have Wearable Tech Products for Pregnant Moms

Plan on counting steps with your FitBit when you pace up and down the halls of the hospital waiting room to get to 10 centimeters? There’s a whole slew of wearable technology that’s ideal for pregnant moms.

Not to knock step counters but there’s more out there in wearable tech that can be useful if you’re expecting. From monitoring contractions to diapers that can count, technology is making some pretty cool things possible. Welcome to the world of wearable tech for the expecting. Are you ready to see exactly what’s going on in your baby bump?

These are just a few products that can make pregnancy easier and more enjoyable. (Nope, we didn’t get any freebies to test out, but online reviews indicate these are some of the best on the market.)

WavHello’s BellyBuds

WavHello’s BellyBuds may not help you get sleep or track your prenatal vitamin doses, but it can help your little one get used to sounds. The speaker system includes earbuds that you can place on your baby bump. Want your child to hear lullabies before you can gaze into his or her eyes and sing them face to face? This is a good way to safely play sound—ideal for after 20 weeks when your little one can hear in utero.


Want to track your contractions at home? The Bloomlife is perfect for this, this wearable sensor syncs data from your baby bump to your smartphone to give you real-time information on contractions. Ideal for first-timers who aren’t sure what’s going on in there, or those who want to time contractions without reaching for a stopwatch. You can record the data and look back on it to examine patterns, or bring it with you to show your doc exactly what’s been going on.


Ravenous but don’t want to put on too much weight? The HAPIfork is a smart fork with a screen that displays how long it takes you to eat a meal and shows you how many times you shovel food into your mouth. Bonus: It could come in handy to help you lose baby weight, too.


The end of pregnancy can come with a lot of kick counting, and LittleKicks takes the hassle out of monitoring pitter patter. The fetal monitor sensor sticks onto your belly and data beams to your smartphone so you can stay on top of kick rates. Similar to that, the Lisa is a smartwatch that tracks the baby’s movement each day. daily movements.


Still nauseous? The  Reliefband is a wearable you wear on your wrist that claims it can combat morning sickness. It is cleared by the FDA and uses neuromodulation to treat morning sickness—ideal if it’s really severe or you just can’t stand ginger drops anymore.

This one’s not for pregnant moms, but it’s too interesting not to include. Yes, ladies, there is a smart changing pad. The Hatch Baby monitors your baby’s growth, feedings, diaper changes, and sleep by sending all the data to an app on your smartphone. It’s cool because it lets you track the baby’s growth over time—a bonus since you’ll spend a lot of time at the changing table.

And because moms will want to stay active during their pregnancies, the latest fitness trackers are still quite useful before, during and after your little one arrives. Translation: Don’t toss your FitBit just yet!

Good news for techies who want even more electronics after the baby arrives—a slew of wearable sleep monitors and even a high-tech diaper are also on the market. We’ll save those for another story.

Images courtesy of Getty Images and Bloomlife.