Meet Tania Green, the Woman Making PMS Symptoms More Manageable (and Delicious)

Meet Tania Green, the Woman Making PMS Symptoms More Manageable (and Delicious)

PMS cravings making you nervous…and hungry? They don’t have to! Tania Green has created incredible guilt-free, bite-sized, health-conscious treats that’ll make you feel like you can take any menstruation symptom head-on.

Check out our interview with the founder of PMS Bites herself!


For our readers who may not know, what is PMS Bites, and what inspired you to start it?

Tania Green: ​PMS Bites are rich, chocolaty, and healthy bite-sized treats perfect for health-conscious women who want to satisfy their cravings, but are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition. All bites contain gluten-free, all natural, vegan ingredients and herbs that are known to help reduce PMS symptoms like bloating and cramping. Every bite contains dandelion root, Siberian ginseng, and chamomile. PMS Bites are comfort without guilt.

There are three flavors:

  • Plain Crazy: a hybrid between a classic chocolate truffle and brownie batter finished with premium fair-trade cocoa powder and coconut palm sugar.
  • CocoNutty: a classic bite sprinkled with fluffy organic coconut flakes.
  • All Kinds of Nuts: a classic bite rolled in clusters of crunchy pecans.

​PMS Bites is my passion, mainly because I have a monthly built-in reminder that this work is so important. I would get debilitating PMS ever since I was a little girl. I was a completely different person during that time, and it felt like it was more than half of my month. I like to stay fit and eat as healthy and as clean as possible, but when cravings hit me, they hit hard. I wanted to make a healthy dessert that I was excited to eat but didn’t feel guilty after. That’s where PMS Bites came in. I experimented in my kitchen and made the perfect little treat that made me so happy during my worst days.

I always knew I had the ability to branch out on my own and lead a company, but I didn’t know what I loved. When I realized that PMS Bites was the idea that I could give my entire life to, I hit the ground running with such fury. I am motivated by the problem I am trying to solve. Around 80-90% of women experience one or more of the 150 symptoms of PMS. These symptoms can last an average of seven to 10 days out of the month. That’s 122 days out of the year where we are not functioning optimally. I want to help women take those 122 days back!




What is one challenge you’ve faced when starting PMS Bites, and what’s been one of your favorite or most exciting moments?

TG: ​Finding a co-packer to make the bites has been extremely challenging. No one can quite do it with the same love and care that I have. But in order to scale and bring these bites beyond Boston, I need to trust a co-packer to make them right,

I have had a couple of extremely exciting moments! I launched on Kickstarter, was fully funded within 15 hours, became a Kickstarter staff pick, and got over 25 media placements including The Huffington Post, Food & Wine, Allure, and an appearance on The Today Show. I also was chosen as a 2015 finalist for MassChallenge, the world’s largest startup accelerator. I have HUGE news coming in a couple of months; I just can’t share right now. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates!​


If you could give your pre-teen self any piece of advice, what would it be?

TG: ​The same advice I give myself every day because it’s very tough being a woman:

  • Always work hard and love what you do.
  • Find beauty in everything.
  • Don’t cry over boys.
  • Be careful who you make memories with.
  • Be present.


What advice do you have for women hoping to start businesses of their own someday?

TG: ​Just go out and do it. If you don’t, you’ll regret it for life. I don’t want to look back and regret anything so I jumped in like my life depended on it; all in and no looking back. When people see how hungry and passionate you are, they are going to begin to ask “How can I help you?” And that’s the question every entrepreneur should be waiting to hear. ​Go to every entrepreneurial meet-up, showcase, meeting, whatever it is. When people ask you what you’re doing, respond like you’ve been working on it for three months. You never know who you will meet and how they can help you.




Where do you see yourself and PMS Bites in the future?

TG: ​In five years PMS Bites will be in Whole Foods in every major city, a booming online business, in gyms and juice bars across the country, and the brand that women turn to for PMS advice, products and to connect to a larger community. My goal is to help women take 122 days of PMS back!


Order PMS Bites here and use the promo code “Livelife” for 10% off your first monthly subscription!