Meet Hilde Lysiak, the 8-Year-Old Journalist Who’s Making Waves

Meet Hilde Lysiak, the 8-Year-Old Journalist Who’s Making Waves

Okay, I’ve got a new journalism shero, and her name is Hilde Lysiak. She created her own newspaper, runs every part of production from reporting to delivery, and she’s the only person in her town doing it. Oh, and did I mention that she’s only eight years-old?

Lysiak is the mastermind behind The Orange Street News, the only monthly newspaper Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, which has a population of 5,000. Not too shabby for a third grader, right?

The Columbia Journalism Review recently published a lengthy profile of Lysiak and her work on Orange Street, and it’s absolutely worth a read.

Reporter Joe Pompeo explains that what Lysiak is doing isn’t simple child’s play; she’s making a difference in a community despite her young age: “She attends town meetings. She covers crime without the police department’s cooperation. She shows up at the scenes of breaking news events. Sure, Hilde’s far from being a pro, but she still provides a public service in a town without a dedicated local news outlet.”

Are you feeling inspired? Because I sure am.

You can read the full piece on Hilde Lysiak here.

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