Meet Hayley Segar, a YouTube Wunderkind

Meet Hayley Segar, a YouTube Wunderkind

We have a very special treat for our readers today! Meet Hayley Segar, a vlogging wunderkind who’s sharing her story (and her tips!) of how she’s been doing awesome things on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to her channel and follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!


For our readers who might not know, what’s is your YouTube channel about, and why did you decide to start vlogging?

Hayley Segar: My YouTube channel features lifestyle-based videos, and the occasional daily vlog, known as a “Daily Hayley”!  I think what sets my channel apart from the thousands of other beauty and style channels is the emphasis on my love of secondhand/thrift/vintage shopping. I also don’t hyper-produce my videos, they are simply edited and to-the-point. I’ve been on YouTube for nearly seven years, and a comment that I get a lot on my videos is that my channel reminds people of how YouTube “used to be.” I like that!



What are some of your favorite videos you’ve posted and why?

HS: Some of my favorite videos I’ve posted are the ones that feature my sisters. I am the oldest of three girls, and it’s always so nostalgic to look back and see how my sisters and I were interacting at different points of us growing up, how our styles have changed, and how we’ve matured overall.  That is a major perk of documenting bits of your life online…you have the ability to look back in retrospect.


What do you think is empowering for women about beauty products and fashion? 

HS: Nowadays there are so many niche beauty and fashion brands that respect different types of personal style…difference is celebrated. I think that the beauty and fashion industries used to be one-size-fits-all in terms of style, but now there are so many options. Everyone has a company, designer, or brand that resonates with their own means of self-expression. That is so empowering!




Do you have any advice for women hoping to start YouTube channels in the future?

HS: Make sure you are starting doing YouTube videos for the right reasons. I get so many messages from girls saying, “I’ve been on YouTube for six months, and no companies have contacted me to send me free products yet! What am I doing wrong?” This saddens me! You should start doing YouTube videos for the reasons of having a creative outlet or a place to express your views and your personality, not in hopes of curating free products and sponsorships! Keep your online presence organic, positive, and above all, YOU…you can never go wrong with that.


Where do you see yourself and your channel in the future?

HS: That question really got me thinking! No matter where I am in life, I hope to see my YouTube channel always reflecting my current self. As someone who is always extra cautious as to what I put online, I sometimes lose myself in the process of doing that. As I grow, I’d love for my channel to grow along with me!


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