Meet Francine Glick, The Woman Making Mom-Approved Hand Sanitizer

Meet Francine Glick, The Woman Making Mom-Approved Hand Sanitizer

Talk about a mom with a mission: Meet Francine Glick, a businesswoman who saw a problem (stinging, sticky, alcohol-based hand sanitizer) and turned her healthy alternative into a phenomenon. Armed with patents (two, in fact!) and the American Red Cross’ stamp of approval, she’s taking the world by storm with Hands2GO.


1. For those who may not know, what is Hands2GO, and why is it awesome?

Francine Glick: Hands2GO is an alcohol-free natural hand sanitizer. It is proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria on contact yet has no dyes, parabens, fragrances, surfactants, gluten, or phthalates. It is water based with moisturizing extracts of aloe, lavender, and chamomile. It has no side affects and will never dry the skin. Hands2GO is a three-in-one product: antibacterial, moisturizing, and antiseptic.


2. What inspired you to found Water Journey and Hands2GO and start your own business?

FG: As a working mom, concerned about the wellbeing of my family, I was committed to maintaining a healthy environment. Like so many American mothers, I strived for that perfect balance of family and career. But knowing how to protect my own health was just not good enough anymore. My kids were bringing colds home from school; coughing and sneezing would make its way through the whole family. From softball to volleyball to play practice to birthday parties and carpools, hand washing with soap and water wasn’t always an option. So I looked for a more convenient way – only to discover that the main ingredient in most travel-friendly antibacterials was alcohol.

This was not the solution I had hoped for. The alcohol gels were sticky, smelly, and drying to the skin, not to mention the fact that they burned any open cuts and scrapes. How could I expect my children to use a product that made them cringe?

So I did what any mother would do. I set out to develop an effective, moisturizing, natural hand sanitizer. It wasn’t easy, but with a business degree and a family, it made sense for me to go down this path. After researching many possibilities, I discovered the gentler antibacterial agent that I was looking for. Combined with natural moisturizers in a water-based formula, the solution–smarter than existing products–satisfied my “mom” requirements.

Fifteen years later, our team has grown significantly, and the uniqueness of Hands2GO has earned two U.S. patents. Although we are not experimenting in the kitchen sink any more, our company retains the same philosophy: What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Going forward, we will continue to innovate, improve and look out for the best interests of our customers.




3. What’s one challenge you’ve faced in creating Hands2GO, and how did you overcome it?

FG: It’s hard to narrow it down to one challenge; there have been so many! The most difficult thing is not giving up. Creating and growing a business is hard work. I’m a very optimist, yet I have had moments where I thought I might fail. I found that surrounding myself with positive people and reading uplifting books such as The Best Way Out Is Always Through, which talks about [how] the power of perseverance can get you through those difficult times.


4. What has been a surreal or exciting moment of running your company?

FG: Being picked by the American Red Cross as their exclusive alcohol-free hand sanitizer was a big honor. It’s one of the top three brands in the world! I think we have the best product on the market and now with the Red Cross brand, we have the best product with the best brand! That’s a great combination!


5. What advice do you have for women hoping to start their own businesses?

FG: Join a network of other women business owners for support and as soon as you can afford it, hire a coach. The coach will help you stay accountable and focused on your goals.


6. Where do you see yourself and your business in the future?

FG: I see us as the leader in alcohol-free hand sanitizers. (We have two patents!).