Do light periods affect fertility?

Do light periods affect fertility?

Our expert: Margaret Sikowitz

Margaret Sikowitz graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, one of the nation’s oldest accredited colleges granting masters degrees in Chinese Medicine. She practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine in New York City.

I am wondering if my light period would affect my fertility when the time comes that I’m ready for children. So I’m wondering if a light period means my uterus lining is too thin. I know my mom had fertility problems and just want to make sure I won’t have the same.

Here’s where you’re ahead of the game: You have regular cycles and you know about your mother’s health history. This is a great start. And more good news: so much research is taking place to help health care professionals understand the causes of infertility.

We already know that genes influence fertility and many identifiable disorders are detectable with simple blood tests or a semen analysis. These test are usually recommended after six to 12 months of trying to conceive.  Factors that can be counted, measured and located (like genes, blood disorders and sperm disorders) serve as the starting point for this research. Scientists can’t quantify menstrual blood easily, so it doesn’t qualify as a basis for study.

Some health care providers might observe an anecdotal correlation between patients with your symptoms and history and infertility. This is definitely worth noting when you see a professional as it may cause her to request diagnostic tests and/or move forward faster with treatment than she might otherwise. While you’re thinking of it now, an acupuncturist, doctor, nurse practitioner, or women’s health professional might have some recommendations to consider so that you’re in the best health possible when you’re trying to get pregnant.  

In the meantime,take great care of yourself.  Enjoy a well balanced diet, regular exercise, maintain a good healthy weight for your body and see your doctor regularly.

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