What Lifting Weights Teaches You about Womanhood

What Lifting Weights Teaches You about Womanhood

We are LOVING this Buzzfeed article about what women have learned about themselves and about being a woman from lifting weights.

Here are two of the many incredible responses from the piece:

“Lifting has taught me to become comfortable with failure. Failure in lifting means that your body has reached maximum capacity. And with that comes the opportunity to start fresh with something more challenging and rewarding. It’s taught me to not be so hard on myself. Every day presents challenges, but on days when I can lift, I feel like everything in my life is easier.” —Tracy

“I started lifting for track in high school thanks to one coach who had all the guys and girls on the team lift together. Everyone was treated the same. Even if you couldn’t lift the same amount, you would do the same exercises. Running with weights, dead lifts, bench press: I would have never even attempted to do some of the lifting that we did without that little starting push. Now I lift for myself and every day it shows me that I am in full control of changing my body. Seeing — and feeling — the results never ceases to amaze me.” —Sarah

Check it out!

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