Lena Dunham’s ‘Lenny’ Newsletter Launches

Lena Dunham’s ‘Lenny’ Newsletter Launches

Confession: I’m a email newsletter evangelist. I subscribe to well over 20 newsletters (most daily, some weekly, a couple monthly), and I even block out a portion of my day to spend time reading them. Also unsurprising, given my job as the head of all editorial and social media operations here at HelloFlo, a lot of my subscriptions go to women-centric newsletters.

Thus, when I heard Lena Dunham was coming out with a brand new email newsletter for Millennial women called Lenny with her friend Jenni Konner, I went straight to the “Subscribe” button out of curiosity. I know views of Dunham and her message can be polarizing (“She’s so pretentious!” my friend yelled when I told her I was writing this post), but I think it’s important to know what people are talking about when it comes to women and their lives through all different lenses. So here I am, giving this newsletter a shot.

Today marked the publication of the first Lenny newsletter, and I have to say: It’s pretty darn great. The inaugural email included a lot of good stuff:

  • A candid interview with Hillary Clinton (it was actually a really fun read!)
  • A piece about June Jordan (as part of a series called “Out of Print,” which spotlights past female writers and artists whose work goes unrecognized)
  • A nice first-person account of why one queer woman supports the institution of marriage
  • A column about periods (YAY!) that’s part of a larger series regarding women’s health (DOUBLE YAY!)
  • A discussion about denim (as part of a bigger conversation about fashion)

As someone who reads an absurd (bordering on abhorrent) number of newsletters, I was pleasantly surprised (and happy) to see the range in content in Lenny, not to mention the diversity in voices and opinions.

Long story short? I’ve boarded the Lenny train, and I won’t be getting off any time soon.

If you’re interested in trying on the newsletter for size, you can subscribe here.

Cover image courtesy of HitFix.