Lauren Hom Is Changing the World with Illustration and Lettering

Lauren Hom Is Changing the World with Illustration and Lettering

If you’ve ever told yourself that you’d be amazing at something if you had only put time into it earlier in your life, Lauren Hom doesn’t think it’s too late at all to start. We did a quick interview with her about her art and design work, and what it’s like to support yourself and your freelance passion at the same time.


What do you do for a living and why is it awesome?

Lauren Hom: I’m a letterer and illustrator, and it’s awesome because I get to draw fancy, fun words for a living!


Tell us about an awesome project you’re working on right now.

LH: I just launched a new project called Wiggy Banks! It’s this series of hand-painted glass coin jars I’ve been working on all summer. They’re lettered with funny, honest things you’d spend your leftover change on, like burritos or wine. Basically, they’re piggy banks for adults. You can check it out at


As someone who left a full-time job to start freelancing, what advice would you give for other women who are considering the same?

LH: The advice I would give is probably more practical than inspirational, but here it goes! I would suggest transitioning slowly, since having the financial security of a full-time job allows you to work on your freelance passion (illustration, photography, and writing) with pure creativity. Since you don’t have the stress of having to support yourself completely with this work, you can be more selective about the projects you take on. Once you have a handful of extra special portfolio pieces, it’ll be much easier to transition into doing what you love full-time as a freelancer!


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What are your hopes for your future and the future of your graphic design career?

LH: My hope is to continue expanding creatively and technically. I’m doing this thing right now where I challenge myself to master a new medium each year. Last year it was chalkboard artwork, and I think this year is going to be painted murals. I’m actually less interested in lettering and more interested in what I can do with lettering.