Land’s End Now Makes Science T-Shirts for Girls

Land’s End Now Makes Science T-Shirts for Girls

Three weeks ago, an annoyed mother left a comment for Land’s End of their Facebook page after seeing science-themed t-shirts for boys in the front of their brochure:

We immediately flipped forward in your catalog to find the equivalent shirts in girls’ sizes. But when we got to the available t-shirt designs for girls on page 56, instead of science-themed art, we were treated to sparkly tees with rhinestones, non-realistic looking stars, and a design featuring a dog dressed like a princess and wearing a tutu.

My daughter was very confused. Lots of her friends that are girls love science, too. Why were there no cool science shirts for girls?

The mom brings up a good point: Boys are given loads of merchandise to support their love of science, math, and technology, but girls are given rhinestones and frills and sparkles.

So, what did Land’s End do about it? They created a collection of science-themed t-shirts just for girls. Not only are these shirts really adorable, but they’re also empowering. Who knew being a scientist with the NASA crew could be so chic?

Land’s End gets a gold star in our book!

Cover image courtesy of Jezebel.