Judy Adams Is Granting Wishes for Individuals With Down Syndrome

Judy Adams Is Granting Wishes for Individuals With Down Syndrome

Gifts From the Heart for Downs is a nonprofit organization working to grant wishes for individuals living with Down syndrome founded by shero Judy Adams, who also has Down syndrome. Adams feels extremely passionate about her cause and constantly works to make a difference.

I had the inspiring opportunity to email her and talk to her about her Dimes for Downs fundraiser and the impact she’s making on lives around the nation.


Your nonprofit, Gifts From the Heart for Downs, does amazing work! Can you tell us a little bit about your mission and what inspired you?

Judy Adams: I love to help people in their lives through my organization Gifts From the Heart For Downs. I love giving a lot! Gifts From the For Downs helps grant a need or a wish to individuals with Down syndrome. I am inspired knowing that I am helping someone.


What are some of the wishes you’ve granted so far?
JA: Some of the wishes we have granted are for celebrities meet and greets such as Reba McEntire, Miley Cyrus, Alan Jackson, Miranda Cosgrove, Big Time Rush, and Ross Lynch. Other wishes that have been granted are iPads for communication, wheelchair strollers, a bedroom makeover, special tricycles, and trips to Disney World!


What is the best part of running your organization?
JA: We fund the gifts through Dimes for Downs, which is an ongoing fundraiser for Gifts From the Heart For Downs. When I give something special to someone, it makes me feel so good knowing that I have helped them with a gift of something they needed or helped with a dream come true. I also love meeting new people and telling them my story.


What is the most challenging part?
JA: One of the most challenging parts of doing the fundraiser is getting the word out about what I am doing. I dream to be on The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, and the Today Show someday!


Share some of your personal experiences with us. What is something exciting you’ve gotten to experience?

JA: I have had several very exciting experiences since starting the Dimes for Downs fundraiser. I was the first person with Down syndrome to be nominated and received the Kids Are Heroes Award. I also filmed a segment for Disney’s Make Your Mark, which then went up for a Daytime Emmy Award. I even went to Los Angeles and walked the Red Carpet. It has been so exciting to be able to live my dreams through helping others.


How can someone help or get involved?

JA: If someone would like to get involved, they can contact us on my Facebook page.