#IStandWithCherish Sparks Parenting Debate

#IStandWithCherish Sparks Parenting Debate

A mom of four, who was out grocery shopping with her children, could potentially have a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment brought against her for forgetting her baby in a parking garage. The child was accidentally left strapped in a shopping cart outside of the Arizona grocery store on a day where temperatures reached 104, according to CBS.

An off-duty police officer found the baby and law enforcement were called. The mom returned to look for her child about 40 minutes after leaving once she realized he was not in the car. At the time, police released the child back into the parents’ custody, after finding that he was not harmed.

Social media took on the incident with the hashtag #IStandWithCherish. Reactions were split with some sympathizing with the mom of four, while others asked that police bring charges against her.

The issue in and of itself has highlighted, and led for many to admit, how difficult parenting really is and how juggling everyday responsibilities could lead to mistakes that seem out of this world, but that have high probability of occurring.

The 27-year-old mom, Cherish Peterson, said it best when she told KPHO, “Nothing they can say can make me feel worse than I did in that moment I turned around and saw my car seat missing.”

The prosecutor has still not revealed if charges will be brought against her.

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