#IHadaMiscarriage Breaks the Silence Surrounding Pregnancy Loss

#IHadaMiscarriage Breaks the Silence Surrounding Pregnancy Loss

About 20% of pregnancies end in loss, and yet miscarriage is still a relatively taboo subject. Dr. Jessica Zucker is trying to change that.

After having a miscarriage in 2012, Zucker questioned the shame so many people feel about their trauma and grief. The Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist set out to break the stigma attached to public discussions by launching the viral hashtag campaign #IHadaMiscarriage, after writing about her experiences for the New York Times.

Zucker also created a line of pregnancy loss cards that she hopes acknowledge loss in a meaningful way while breaking the cultural silence.

The conversation surrounding physical and mental health is ongoing, with Zucker continuing to write and speak about #IHadaMiscarriage. She can most recently be heard on the podcast “Stuff Mom Never Told You.”

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