Here’s Why I Don’t Hate the Kardashians (and Want to Talk About It)

Here’s Why I Don’t Hate the Kardashians (and Want to Talk About It)

If there is one name that everybody knows, it’s Kardashian. You cannot go one day without hearing or reading about the Kardashian family and their recent escapades; it’s almost as if those ladies have a calendar chock full of things they can do to gain attention on a daily basis. This sensory overload has led to an absolute hatred of the Kardashian family.

But is this hatred warranted? It is no lie that the family has had its fair share of controversy and sometimes spreads messages that we would not want younger women in society to be absorbing, but at the same time they are making something of themselves.

Why is it important to respect the Kardashians, at the least? To begin with, they are a family comprised of strong women who have created careers for themselves. It can be argued that the only reason their name is known is because Robert Kardashian Sr. worked on the O.J. Simpson trial or because Kim Kardashian had a sex tape back in the mid-2000s, but both are a bit tired. The Kardashians are not “famous for being famous” anymore. Kardashian isn’t just a surname; but a brand name. They have created multiple clothing lines, a beauty line, endorsed products, been cover girls for various popular magazines, released books, and launched mobile apps.

Obviously, just because they have careers, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect people. In fact, their careers may be the cause of the issue, at least regarding the Jenner girls. Both Kylie and Kendall are models, and sometimes the fashion industry can be the number one cause of offense. Recently, Kylie posed in a wheelchair on the cover of Interview magazine, causing a lot of backlash about how when she is in a wheelchair, it’s fashion, while actual wheelchair users are ridiculed or avoided by society. Kendall just became the face of Mango’s “Tribal Spirit” fashion campaign, causing people to ask why a line inspired by Africa is starring someone white.

Unfortunately, a lot of appropriation comes from the fashion industry. Since Kendall is trying to develop a career in the modeling industry, she cannot reject a big opportunity just because the campaign isn’t culturally sensitive. (Not that she would care, after being seen sporting bindis and large nose rings at Coachella). Kylie, on the other hand, was being featured in a magazine all about her, and could have said something about feeling uncomfortable posing in a wheelchair. The magazine may not have wanted to lose such a big client, and would have fixed it.

I think the number one reason everybody hates the Kardashians is because they think they are self-centered, but I personally have never seen a family thrust so firmly into the spotlight yet still so supportive of one another. Kim and Kourtney value motherhood above all. Kourtney and Khloe evidently love each other as much as two sisters can. They may bicker on their multiple shows, or call each other out, but that’s a thing that families do. In the end, the Kardashian women are a group of successful, innovative, and supportive women who love each other and want each other to do well, and that should be enough.


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