How Custom Fit Condoms Can Change Sex

How Custom Fit Condoms Can Change Sex

Does size really matter?

A common complaint about condoms are their contribution to diminishing sensation, their discomfort, and their poor fit. A recent study announced that the majority of condoms are too big for the average penis. The standard condom is 17cm, but the average erect penis is 2.5cm shorter than this size. British researchers found that on a global scale, the average penis is 13.12cm in length when erect.

To help aid any fragile male ego, only 2.28 percent of the male population have an abnormally small penis, and that same percentage translates to those who have an abnormally large penis.

Since only a third of American men wear condoms, the company myONE Perfect Fit, has created a custom fit condom to ensure sexual safety and health. The company, based in Boston, has launched 60 different sizes with 10 different lengths and nine circumferences.

The company’s president Davin Wedel told the New York Times that within hours of going on sale, customers had “ordered condoms in all 60 sizes.”

A funny characteristic of the company is that they randomize lettering and numbers to title the condom size. Instead of ordering a size in inches or centimeters, the size may be called B17 for example.

The company has been in the process of becoming available in the United States since 2011. The FDA, ASTM International, and ISO prevented the company from moving forward earlier because of their view on condoms being a medical device and specific regulations.

Various condom sizes have been available in other countries but American standards allowed for a small group of lengths and widths. The company worked alongside the FDA and researchers to create a concise and concrete study to prove that one size does not fit all.

Moreover, STIs are on the rise. Condom use and protection is important. A 2016 CDC report found that 1.59 million cases of chlamydia, 468,000 cases of gonorrhea, and almost 28,000 cases of syphilis are impacted people.

Can proper sizing really ensure the probability that someone will wear a condom during sex?

The company urges individuals with a penis to wear condoms—there can be no more excuses of improper fitting and discomfort. 60-70 percent of condom users complain about the condom being too longer and tightening around the base of the penis, causing tightness and loss of erection. MyONE Fit also explains on their website that condoms only fit 12 percent of men properly.

MyONE Fit isn’t the first of its kind, however. Condom companies seem to be creating new size options for all types of grande, venti, and trenta sizes.

But with the start of a custom-sized condom company, men may be able to get the correct idea about how to accurately, and without shame, shop for condoms.

How does myONE Perfect Fit work?

Customers are able to print out a FitKit which helps those who will be wearing the condom figure out their accurate size. If preferred, a customer can also insert in their custom measurements. Moreover, past condom purchases will help those at the company find a perfect match.

Condoms are shipped in discrete packaging and come in packs of six, 12 and 24.

The company also sells regular condoms and lubrication as well.

What’s in it for women?

The Indian Council of Medical Research found that 20 percent of condoms fail because they aren’t the right size for the wearer.

The company brands itself as a production of better and safer pleasure products. This includes new technology that can enhance but also provide safety for all parties involved. By making sex safer, the company hopes to make sex more fun. Their educational portion includes imperative articles for sexually active people and how those wearing condoms can provide a better conversation surrounding sex. Women benefit from myONE Fit because the conversation is beginning, outside of the bedroom, amongst researchers and professionals who see the importance of safe sex.

The bespoke condoms are receiving a bit of criticism—as men may still find the process too “complicated,” or “tiresome,” but the company hopes to educate and impact men to keep their bodies and their partner’s bodies safe.

Davin Wedel said in a statement about his company: “MyONE has the potential to change people’s perception of condoms and ultimately, reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and STI occurrences.”

While the average condom may work for you and your partner, it’s essential to stay protected and why not take advantage of new technology while we have it? Just like your morning coffee, or a bra size, one size does not fit all. Catering to length, width, and girth are pertinent in creating a comfortable fit for a penis, and therefore encouraging safe sex for everyone involved.