Here’s Why the Motherhood Challenge Is Coming Under Fire

Here’s Why the Motherhood Challenge Is Coming Under Fire

A trend spreading around Facebook this week called the Motherhood Challenge is coming under fire.

It involves mothers posting pictures of or with their children and then tagging other friends they think are great mothers.

While some might see this as a harmless exercise highlighting the joys of motherhood and praising women for being mothers, others have had a more negative reaction. The main backlash has been against the fact that even though the mothers and children are all smiles in the photos, this is not necessarily the reality of motherhood. Sure, it is rewarding, but there are challenges, whether it be from having trouble conceiving, miscarrying, or struggling to raise children.

So was this challenge as harmless as it was intended to be? Jody Day, the founder of Gateway Women, a network for women without children, told Mashable, “The challenge trivializes motherhood. No one is an awesome mum every day. And for those children women still silently and invisibly grieving that loss, it opens up a fresh divide between them and their mum friends.”

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