What We Can Do about Issues Facing Working Mothers

What We Can Do about Issues Facing Working Mothers

Working mothers face a lot of problems from all sides: They’re considered bad moms if they work too often, poor employees¬†if they ask for time¬†to take care of their children, and manic people if it looks like they’re doing a rough job juggling everything.

Luckily, things are looking up. The White House met with a slew of prominent, influential women to discuss the issues that working mothers deal with in the workforce. The three major points that the White House group was trying to tackle included:

  • Lack of childcare options (enough said)
  • Burnout (either from work, home, or both)
  • Stigma (women need/want to work but old school notions keep them at bay)

Hopefully this is the start of something great for working mothers. Every woman deserves the chance to do what she wants; the first step in that process is understanding what lies beneath the surface.

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