Have Difficulties Orgasming? Cannabis Can Help

Have Difficulties Orgasming? Cannabis Can Help

Four years ago, a widow in her 70s scheduled an appointment with urologist Dr. Jennifer R. Berman.

Since her husband passed away, she had been on a journey to reclaim her sexuality. Dr Berman worked with her over time on different treatments, such as hormonal ones and certain types of vaginal lubrication.

However, during one appointment, her patient brought in a Cosmopolitan article that talked about a company called Foria, which has since become a supplier of the leading personal lubricant for women within the cannabis industry. At the time, she never heard of using cannabis to treat for sexual dysfunction, but was receptive to learning and researching how.

A big obstacle in Dr. Berman’s research was the lack of information out there about cannabis, especially in relation to sexual health, particularly women’s reproductive health. However, she was able to overcome that challenge by consulting research conducted on non-humans.

“There’s a lot of pre-clinical and clinical studies with cannabis in animals,” Dr. Berman explains. “Through that, I was able to understand how and why THC [(tetrahydrocannabinol)] and CBD [(cannabidiol)] are beneficial in terms of sexual responses in women.”

Ever since, Dr. Berman has been a vocal advocate for cannabis and Foria products, which has landed her an appearance on Conan. On his show, she explains how the lubricant doesn’t have any psychoactive effects because the product is applied topically and not ingested or smoked, compared to traditional methods of cannabis consumption. Instead, consider it a buzz just for your clitoris.

Although one of the most common complaints women express when it comes to sex is low libido, cannabis isn’t just a solution for those experiencing sexual problems. The plant can help everyone have better sex in general. In fact, Business Insider reported a recent study that confirmed cannabis enhances sexual pleasure. The research revealed 70 percent of participants experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Dr. Berman isn’t the only advocate out there in the medical industry advocating for cannabis for sexual pleasure. According to Broadly, there’s a growing trend of prescribing cannabis to patients amongst sex therapists.

Plus, cannabis can help sexual health beyond penis-in-vagina intercourse. In addition to two types of lubricant, Foria offers anal suppositories to enhance anal sex and vaginal suppositories to treat menstrual cramps.

“The effectiveness of FORIA Relief for some women to address menstrual discomfort has inspired them to share their experiences with other women,” explains Mathew Gerson, Creator and CEO of Foria. “This is where the power truly lives, the power to change the old and false narrative around cannabis, in the voices of women who have had a first hand experience of the plants power to help.”

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