What is a Hands-Free Orgasm and How Can You Achieve One?

What is a Hands-Free Orgasm and How Can You Achieve One?

This may seem like a mythical experience — something a sex goddess made up along the way. However, it’s real folks, and it’s just one head space away from the best orgasm you’ll ever have.

Tantric practices are popularly categorized as somewhat intangible. For the wider public, tantra is seen as an intense technique, and way of life, that includes meditation, breathing, and practice. But for those who are passionate about tantra, their sexual lives seem full, effective, and quite literally, orgasmic.

You may be familiar with tantric sex — it’s an ancient Hindu practice that increases intimacy and connection through electrifying orgasms. A characteristic of tantric sex is a hands-free orgasm — meaning that yes, there are no hands involved, just the mind.

Essentially, what I’m telling you is that all you need is your mind, body, and spirit to do all of the things you assumed you needed another warm body, or silicone toy, to achieve. Think again my feisty reader, your next orgasm is just a few breathing exercises, meditation, and some coaching lessons away.

Described as a bit of a hypnosis, hands-free orgasms are typically guided by an instructor to relax the mind and tune into a pleasure point in your subconscious. Instructors and coaches tend to believe that sex has an important psychological component which trigger an orgasm. By stimulating your brain, you are creating sensations of sexual arousal instead of actually having physical sex.

In short, the mind is a trippy thing, my friends.

Okay, but how difficult is it to experience this euphoric exercise?

HelloFlo spoke with author, artist, and sex coach Barbara Carrellas about hands free orgasms. She explains that “everyone learns differently.” While you can definitely learn how to achieve a hands free orgasms through a book or a recording, learning how to achieve this tantric experience is best done in person.

To begin, you must relax both physically and mentally to ensure that your mind is empty of all distractions, stresses, and pressure. The ultimate way to achieve a hands-free orgasm is to prepare your mind for a state of hypnosis.

By breathing in deeply through you abdomen, and inhaling through your nose, you will begin to become more relaxed. Pushing out all of your stresses, with each exhale, settles you into a state of calm. Your guide will typically encourage you to focus on your sexual genitalia in order to stimulate blood flow.

According to LovePanky, fantasies are welcomed during meditation. Opening the mind will put you in a trance-like state with just you and your thoughts. They encourage participants to “remember to keep your focus” and not overthink during the process.

How long does it take to successfully achieve a hands free orgasm?

Carrellas, who teaches a Breath Energygasms workshop, says, “Most people feel some effect (which can range from a bit of tingling in the hands to a full body ecstatic experience) in the first session.” She goes on to explain that her first “breath and energy orgasm technique” gave her a “physically and mentally ecstatic experience,” while another practice took three months to master. Nevertheless, “Even if people don’t feel the orgasmic part physically the first time, almost everyone reports a transported mental state,” says Carrellas. Regardless of your orgasm success rate or not, you’ll still achieve another plane of meditation.

What do most people think of hands free orgasms who achieve them?

Carrellas says that participants in her workshops feel like hands free orgasms are better than any drug they have ever taken. And many people refuse to settle for bad sex in a relationship after the experience. Considered a new way of masturbating, hands-free orgasms are a positive way to connect you mind and body on a personal level.

Kinksters and meditators alike can blend together in the aura of the hands-free orgasm. Most of the public information about this form of hypnosis is first-person testimonials. Thinking your way off may just be the new, or ancient Hindu way, of sexual healing Much like tantra in general, one must see it (or feel it) to believe it.