How to Handle Getting Your Period at School

How to Handle Getting Your Period at School

Got your period in school? Embarrassed to get up and ask the teacher to go use the bathroom? It’s okay, because it happens to the best of us! Almost every girl has had this experience, and we all know it’s not fun! But with some tips and a positive attitude, you can totally get through it.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Trip to the Nurse’s Office

Although the first time I got my period wasn’t that scary since I was at home, my friend had quite an intense experience. It was the first day of middle school, and she had a severe stomachache which was mistaken for the usual first day of school butterflies. After realizing that instead her period had arrived and quickly asking the teacher to use the bathroom, she fled out the classroom. She did what she could, put toilet paper in her underwear and continued with the rest of the day.

This brings us to the first lesson: Do not be fearful or embarrassed to visit the nurse and ask for pads or tampons. The nurse has had many girls come in asking for a tampon or pad!

Also, if you get your period in lunch or during free block, don’t be afraid to ask somebody close and trustworthy to come with you to the bathroom or nurse’s office. It might make you feel more comfortable, and your true friends will help you out during times like this. Besides, what are friends for?

2. Use the Good Old-Fashioned Sweater Trick

One quick trick when you get your period unexpectedly in school (or any public location for that matter) is to tie a hoodie, jacket, or sweatshirtaround your waist. It’s the simplest fix that many women use, and it’ll keep you covered until you get the chance to take care of the matter.

When I first got my period in seventh grade,, it was extremely unpredictable. There was no pattern so I could barely keep up. Since I never knew when it arrived, I received many surprises. Notably, this trick saved me various times.


3. Stay Positive

No matter what happens and what you do at the spur of the moment, just remember that you can get through any horrifying situation with an open-minded and positive perspective. If you treat getting your period in school like it is the end of the world, it will feel like it’s ten times worse than it actually is.

However, if you look at it like an obstacle or a challenge that you need to overcome, I can assure that your experience will be much better, leaving you feeling mentally healthier.

4. Help Others, Too

You should also take the initiative to be a good friend or peer as well. If you see that another girl has a stain or needs a pad/tampon, let her know and lend her one if you have any on hand. For example,, one of my friends spotted a stain on another classmate’s white skirt. She let her know and offered a sweater to tie around her waist until she went to the restroom to take care of it. Remember, if you were in their shoes, you would desperately want the help too!

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