3 Cool New Startups That Are Helping Destigmatize Periods

3 Cool New Startups That Are Helping Destigmatize Periods

Got period chic?

At HelloFlo, we’re all about making your periods more comfortable for you (that’s why we’ve got starter kits for the gals who just got them and boxes for those just-in-case days). And we’re just the tip of the iceberg.


1. Cora

Cora, a new startup by Molly Hayward and Morgen Newman, sells organic tampons with BPA-free plastic applicators in sophisticated black subscription boxes. With its discreet packaging and ability to modernize organic tampons, Cora’s making a splash in the United States.

Through their work, they’re hoping to make it more comfortable and normal for women to have their periods. Proceeds from their work go towards providing environmentally friendly period supplies to girls in India, and partnering with entrepreneurs in the area to bolster their economy at the same time.


2. Period Packs

There are more period-chic startups out there that are revolutionizing the face of the menstrual cycle. For instance, Period Packs is on a mission to destigmatize periods because even in 2016 many girls feel shame when they start their period, or sometimes face dismissive remarks for a having a monthly cycle that can cause them physical and emotional pain.

What the company aims to do is “enjoy bringing a sense of celebration to a major milestone in a young lady’s life,” tackling a key part of women’s health that often gets glossed over when they first get it. In some cultures, periods become part of a myth about curses and undesirability, and they aim to tackle the problem one step at a time.


3. Le Parcel

Le Parcel goes above and beyond with the goodies they include in their $15 boxes, including artisanal chocolates, gifts, and of course, the pads, tampons, and panty liners you need to get you through those days. While some women just want the basics, this is specifically for the consumers who like to have a little extra to make their days brighter. You get to choose exactly what goes into your box – called the “Birchbox” of period subscription boxes by New York Magazine, and it shows up at your doorstep.


The multitude of options for picking new ways to get your period delivered (and surprise – there’s also a way for you to get your birth control delivered as well) is a heartwarming sign that people are working to eliminate some of the cultural taboo about having a period.

The message that this sends is that people are actively willing to educate others on what it means to have a period, and how this is a cultural milestone that should be celebrated, rather than talked about in hushed whispers. While certainly on the pricier end at the moment, the fact that these few are flourishing at the moment create hope that there will be more in the future to make it accessible to everyone.