3 Small Nonprofits That Are Making a Huge Impact

3 Small Nonprofits That Are Making a Huge Impact

Some of us might have made a New Year’s resolution to give back more or to give back better in 2016.

One tangible way to do this is by seeking out smaller organizations that sometimes get overlooked in favor of organizations that have a longer or more popular legacy.

In an effort to shine the spotlight on some lesser-known charities that could use the financial and physical aid, here are three women’s health and advocacy groups that would benefit from your time or donations.


1. Alpha House of Tampa

The non-profit organization Alpha House of Tampa is designed to help pregnant women and their families plan for their future and offer them protection if they need it. Their work includes providing transitional housing for low-income women, along with training in vocational skills to help them become more self-sufficient.

People in the area are always welcome to lend a hand, starting with their “Lunch and Learn” program, which teaches prospective volunteers about what they are doing. Additionally, they have a wishlist and their donation page features a credible auditing report that ensures you that everything you’re donating is going towards the betterment of the community.


2. She’s the First

She’s the First helps girls in other countries fund their education – fitting, considering that a lot of their advocates are students on high school and college campuses! The organization focuses particularly on girls in low-income countries who are at risk of not graduating from secondary/high school due to socioeconomic factors. Their website features some of the young women that have received scholarships, and the work that they have gone on to do in their communities with the education they received.

This organization is perhaps one of the best to consider donating your time with especially if you’re a student. Utilize fundraising methods to help out, because 100% of the financial donations made go straight towards scholarships and other schooling necessities for girls around the world.


3. Local Rape Crisis or Battered Women’s Shelter

Your local rape crisis or battered women’s shelter could always use an extra hand in volunteer work – for example, in my community, the organization Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County has a volunteer program that does one day workdays, or even longer-term solutions like training volunteers to give presentations at local high schools about domestic violence.


Other local charities may ask you to aid in office/administrative work to keep its business running smoothly, or even serve as help on a hotline if you feel up to it. Chances are that your local center could use the time and effort if you’re willing to offer it.

Hopefully, this list has sparked your interest in doing more research into what organizations in your community could use your help. Next time you have the extra few dollars or a weekend with nothing to do, call up your local resources and see what you can do.