Four Television Couples That Are the Epitome of Relationship Goals

Four Television Couples That Are the Epitome of Relationship Goals

In every young person’s life, I believe that it’s important to have positive relationships to look up to.

Personally, I didn’t grow up around many of these positive relationships. Because of this, I often turned to television to gain the vital understanding of what a healthy relationship should look like. Here are four of my favorite television couples who are perfect examples of strong, healthy relationships.

1. Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill

Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott start their relationship with many challenges. From walking out on the relationship to an unexpected pregnancy, the couple faces many difficult moments. What makes them strong, however, is how they are able to overcome these difficult moments. With every challenge, they come out stronger than they were before.

By the end of the series, the couple is truly inspiring. They give each other room to follow their individual dreams and passions, while still remaining strong as a couple. Nathan becomes the basketball player he has always dreamed of becoming while Haley focuses on her music. They encourage each other, inspire each other, push each other, and love each other.

2. Monica Geller and Chandler Bing from Friends

While fans were always crazy about Rachel Green’s and Ross Geller’s crazy romance, I always looked up to the stability and maturity of Monica and Chandler. The couple faces everything from infertility to financial struggles, but always manages to work together and grow stronger.

They couple taught me to always look to your partner in times of challenges and adversities. Supporting each other through these difficult times is key.

3. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

The biggest lesson that Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass taught me is that even if two people are meant to be together, it is important to find yourself before entering a relationship. These two are obviously meant for each other, but they have several failed attempts at a relationship.

They are only able to be happy together after they both take some time to find themselves. I learned that when in a relationship, investing time in yourself and your personal well-being is essential.

4. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson from Glee

I think the challenges these two overcome as individuals help make them stronger as a couple. Both struggle with severe bullying from their peers, but they both learn to rise above the hate and stand together.

When first watching this couple on television, I remember being completely inspired. Both individuals struggled through bullying, which is something I also struggled with at the time. In ways, the bullying made me feel extremely unlovable. To see this couple stand together and get past the negative energy was something that motivated me to keep moving.

There are so many other inspiring couples on television, but these are four that stood out to me. When consuming media, it’s important to focus on these positive relationships and use them to help you grow as an individual. I believe that each relationship can teach valuable lessons.