Four All Female A Cappella Groups That Are Changing the Music Scene

Four All Female A Cappella Groups That Are Changing the Music Scene

A Cappella groups have been bursting onto the music scene and changing the game for the past few years.

With the success of movies like Pitch Perfect and television shows like The Sing-Off, it seems as if the world just can’t get enough of these harmonizing, beat boxing, color-coordinating, show stopping musicians. I know I certainly can’t, in fact, I may have gotten caught up in my A Cappella research while writing this article and spent a few hours taking quizzes about which Pentatonix member I am (I’m Avi, in case you were wondering).

One of the best things about A Cappella is the plethora of all female groups who bring a new meaning to the phrase “girl power.” Here are a few of my personal favorite collegiate level groups to start your descent down the aca-rabbit hole. You’re welcome.

The BlueTones

Hailing from James Madison University, The BlueTones have been unstoppable since they were founded in 1999. In recent years they’ve put out eight albums (yes, eight!), and have won awards like the 2014 Contemporary A Cappella Society’s Best Female Collegiate Album, and Best Female Collegiate Solo. With their distinct style and great choreography, it’s no wonder many consider them to be the best.



Priding themselves on their humble attitudes and wide vocal ranges, Florida State University’s Acabelles have been blowing up after their cover of Royals went viral and gained over 9 million views and counting. The group has recently been featured on John Legend’s PopTV reality show Sing It On.


Sweet Signatures

Though they come from the small town of Elon, North Carolina, Sweet Signatures is definitely a group that is larger than life. Their sassy choreography mixed with their diverse range of songs and styles has everyone who sees them live or listens to their studio albums instantly addicted. In addition to performing at events and competing at competitions, the Sigs also give back to their college community by performing at charity and philanthropy events.



Another great group from JMU is Note-oriety. This group is full of talented, fierce girls from all walks of life, and their diversity is only a small part of why they’re so popular. Their cover of Pretty Hurts went viral last year, and once you hear their haunting vocals mixed with the powerful and beautifully shot video they created for it, you’ll understand why. No, I’m not crying, you’re crying!


This is just the beginning of the amazing A Capella groups within the community! Sift through YouTube and you’ll find a ton more.

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