Four Books I Read Growing Up With Inspiring Female Protagonists

Four Books I Read Growing Up With Inspiring Female Protagonists

When I was a young girl, I remember begging my mom to drop me off at the library.

When I was a young girl, I remember begging my mom to drop me off at the library. I loved to read, and I was constantly inspired by the strong, female protagonists in several of my favorite books. As a parent, my mom always worked to filled my library with literature that inspired. Here are four characters who truly inspired me to become the woman I am today!

1. The Junie B. Jones Series

Barbara Park does a wonderful job capturing the quirky and unique personality traits of a young girl moving through elementary school. She relates to young readers so wonderfully, by organizing the thoughts of a young girl, and putting them on paper.

My favorite thing about this series is that Junie B. Jones is not afraid to be herself. She’s not afraid to make mistakes, be fearless, and express her opinions. In every book, she finds a way to grow and become stronger. As a young girl, this truly helped me navigate through some of my most challenging experiences.

2. Perfect, Bounce, and Lush

This trio by Natasha Friend is strong and powerful. I first discovered these books in middle school, when I was struggling with self-esteem. The book Perfect follows the journey of a young girl struggling with an eating disorder. After reading this book, I immediately felt like I was no longer alone.

Bounce and Lush are both just as powerful. I love these books because the protagonists go through some of the most difficult issues to talk about and openly share their relatable stories. These books got me through middle school, and I will forever be grateful for that.

3. The Hunger Games Trilogy

The Hunger Games has made quite a mark on the world through the books and movies. Suzanne Collins does such a beautiful job creating Katniss Everdeen and making her a role model. Her strong, determined, and unbreakable spirit inspires readers and viewers all around the world.

4. Spirit Week Showdown: The Magnificent Mya Tibbs

Mya Tibbs is strong, spunky, and true to herself. She cares deeply for her friends. In this amazing read by Crystal Allen, we are reminded of the strength in female friendships.

My favorite part about this book is that the characters are extremely relatable. There is no “good” or “bad” characters, just characters who are real. Each individual is dynamic, and Mya Tibbs makes a wonderful female protagonist, teaching individuals of all ages something new.

Over the years, I have read several amazing books with strong female protagonists. These characters stood out to me, however, and taught me several valuable lessons growing up. I believe that some of our first role-models in life come from reading, so it’s important to fill your library with books featuring strong and dynamic women.

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