Foria Releases a New Cannabis-Based Solution to Period Cramps

Foria Releases a New Cannabis-Based Solution to Period Cramps

The cure to menstrual cramps and endometriosis pain might have just been invented, but it’s currently only available in two states, Colorado and California, due to legality.

So all you vagina-owners out west are in for a painless period, well, that is if you’re willing to put marijuana in your vagina or rectum.

Yes, that’s right: The newest cramp solution is a suppository capsule that dissolves THC oil and CBD isolate (two components of the cannabis plant) into your bloodstream.

Created by Foria, the product, called Foria Relief, won’t get you high, but it will relax your muscles and get rid of your cramps. Foria Relief is only six days old, so it hasn’t been reviewed much yet, but those who have tried it certainly sing its praises. It’s not cheap, though: At $44 for 4 capsules, it’s a whole lot more expensive than Midol and a hot water bottle.


It’s also not FDA-approved, but this is simply because it is still not legal under federal law. My favorite part of this product’s release is all the history it’s bringing up. Did you know that Queen Victoria was prescribed cannabis for her menstrual cramps? Crazy! You can read more about Foria Relief here and here.

Have you tried Foria Relief? What did you think? Did it cure your cramps? Was it a waste of almost fifty dollars? I want to know! Let me know what you think!

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.