Five things I’ve learned about myself by traveling

Five things I’ve learned about myself by traveling

There is no other feeling in the world like the sense of adventure and thrill I get from traveling the world.

From taking a road trip across town to getting on a plane alone and heading to another country, any kind of travel is valuable.

I have been so lucky in terms of travel opportunities and these adventures have always given me important lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Here are a few:

1. The possibilities are endless.

As a young girl, I often felt society putting limits on me. Travel, however, reminds me that the opportunities are endless. There are so many places to visit, so many people to meet, and so many things to experience. It’s important to dream big, explore, and continuously work to achieve the impossible.

2. There is so much to learn.

From meeting individuals from different backgrounds to exploring different cultures, there is an endless amount of knowledge that can only be unlocked through travel. Learning about places and their history in textbooks is helpful, but visiting and learning in person is truly a life-changing experience. Hearing the stories of individuals from all around the world has helped me gain perspective. I do not just consider myself a citizen of my community, I consider myself a global citizen. Travel has helped me open my heart and see that there is much much beautiful diversity in the world, yet somehow, we all share similarities.

3. Experiences like traveling can help relationships grow.

From driving to a concert in a different city to taking an impulsive trip to Disneyland, some of the best memories I made with my close friends were during road trips. There is something about being far away from home that helps you escape reality and truly be present. During busy days at school and work, I talk to my friends, but there is always something else on my mind. When traveling with friends, I can fully focus on our conversations, the present, and the beautiful memories we are creating.


4. I have learned to be independent because of travel.

For those who have never taken a trip alone, I would highly recommend it. While traveling with friends is important, it is also important to go on adventures on your own. Traveling alone gives you time to think and explore new things. I used to feel afraid to sit at a restaurant or try something new on my own. Traveling alone, however, has helped me let go of these fears. I have learned to enjoy days on my own and use them as a time for reflection.

5. Traveling is a wonderful form of self-care.

When life becomes stressful and I feel like I need a break, I often turn to travel. As I am embracing my new surroundings, for a moment, I forget about the day-to-day worries of my life. Whether I’m traveling to a different city, a different state, or a different country, each location carries a unique culture and history. The best thing you can do is be present and take it all in.
Obviously, we don’t all have unlimited funds, but it is possible to travel on a low budget. It’s not about where you go, but what you make of it. Travel is a rewarding experience that has brought me so much joy. I hope to the adventure for years to come.