5 Global Women’s Issues You Should Research

5 Global Women’s Issues You Should Research

Women face several adversities.

In my eyes, being a feminist means being aware of issues that affect both you and others. It is easy to know the adversities that affect us directly, but the need to go beyond our own experiences is what empowers us to incite change on a global stage. It is important to stay educated and informed on all issues surrounding women. Here are five (of the many) issues that women face globally:

Child Marriage

Child Marriage is a major issue affecting young girls. According to Unicef, if current levels of child marriages continue, 14.2 million girls a year will marry too young, any many of these girls will be under the age of 15. This issue is extremely personal for me. Coming from Pakistan, I have seen first-hand the effect child marriages can have on young girls. It is important that we understand this issue and do everything we can to make sure that young girls are protected from this.

Access to Education

A report by UNESCO states that 31 million girls who should be in primary school are currently out of school. Of these 31 million, it is said that 17 million will never get to attend school. It breaks my heart knowing that there are so many young girls out there who long for an education but never get the opportunity to attend school. My mom dropped out of school at a young age, so I have always appreciated and valued my education. I think knowing these statistics helps individuals value their schooling.


In many countries, women face extreme amounts of violence and have no measures to protect them. UN Women found that in a 2012 study conducted in New Delhi, 92 percent of women said they experienced a form of sexual violence in a public space.

Maternal Health

Just today, it is estimated by the World Health Organization that 830 women will die because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. This extremely high rate ties into the lack of access to healthcare that women around the world face.

Access To Employment

This is an issue that often gets overlooked, but I believe it is tied to many of the other issues stated above. Because women are often married early and not able to finish their education, they have less access to employment. They have less opportunities to advance and move forward.

At the end of the day, there are many other issues that women face. It is important to be aware of these issues and speak out against them. Even if you are not affected directly, research these issues and know that there are many ways you can help create change.

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