Five Animated Movies That Showcase Girl Power

Five Animated Movies That Showcase Girl Power

Young girls are constantly consuming media.

Some of the first types of media girls consume are animated films. It’s from these same animated films that a girl’s first role models are born.

Unfortunately, having female leads to look up to were scarce. For example, one of my favorite movies growing up was Toy Story. While this is a wonderful animated film, all of the “heroes” in the movie are male, making it difficult for me to see myself in that specific leadership role.

Here are five of my animated movies that had sheroes as their main lead.


Moana is a strong-willed, courageous, teenager who truly defines girl-power. Her adventurous spirit always leads her to the ocean. She has a strong desire to explore and try new things. Her courage shows most, though, during times of adversity. When the people of her community find themselves in trouble, Moana bravely decides to be the shero her community needs.


The movie starts with Officer Judy Hops dreaming big. She wants to become the cities first bunny police officer — a role that is usually set aside for predators. Despite facing bullying, doubt, and extreme adversities, Officer Judy Hops is exactly what the city of Zootopia needed. A movie like Zootopia is a wonderful reminder to move forward and stay determined, despite what others may say.

The Secret Life of Pets

It takes a true hero to stick up for a friend. In The Secret Life of Pets, Gidget is the shero her best friend needs. When her friend Max is in trouble, Gidget leaves the comfort of her home to stick up for him. She faces danger, but confronts it with bravery and courage. No obstacle is too big for Gidget, because she is determined to help her friend and save the day.


In the movie Trolls, Poppy is considered the happiest troll ever born. Her positive energy and spirit are truly contagious throughout the film. Voiced by Anna Kendrick, Poppy sets off on a journey to save her people.


Ballerina tells the story of an orphan girl who always dreamed of becoming a dancer. Even during life’s toughest moments, she kept her goals in mind. This is a story that inspires big dreams, even when they seem impossible or out of reach. When life got tough, it would have been easy for Felice to give up on her dreams. However, no matter what, she chose to dance.

Growing up, it would have meant the world to have female characters to look up to. I hope that young girls can use these films as sources of inspiration and hope. I am constantly inspired by these sheroes and their roles- the lessons taught by these female characters are ones that I am still learning everyday!

Image courtesy of Getty Images.