Feminist Newsletter Round-Up

Feminist Newsletter Round-Up

Daily digests. Weekly roundups. Monthly blasts. E-newsletters are flooding out inboxes and becoming our latest obsession.

Our most beloved feminists and bloggers are all over the newsletter scene, but with so many great options, how’s a girl to choose when to click “subscribe”? Here are a few favorites you definitely don’t want to miss.


Founded by Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham (both of Girls fame), LennyLetter, this biweekly publication is down-to-earth, colloquial, and warm — like it was curated especially for you. It’s the perfect place for our favorite socially-conscious celebs to speak their minds; it’s been home to important pieces like Jennifer Lawrence’s take on the pay gap in film and Padma Lakshmi’s interview about endometriosis. It’s also included light and lovable features like “Movie Mondays” and “Lit Tuesdays.” If you like challenging think-pieces, honest personal essays, a good combo of political and pop-culture-based content, and a newsletter that feels like hearing from your closest friend, LennyLetter is for you!


The Broadsheet

Run by Fortune’s senior editor Kristen Bellstrom, The Broadsheet (part of Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women” brand) is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest in feminist news. Bellstrom summarizes current political issues and recent gender-based research without watering anything down, and sometimes adds her own beloved editorial comments for a little flair. Curated with an expert eye, the digest is equal-parts informative and inspiring. If you’re looking for a painless way to stay current, like beginning your day by hearing about the latest lady-driven startup, and love a round-up of articles to add to your reading list, you’ll be as obsessed with The Broadsheet as we are in no time!


The Bleed

Can’t get enough of the BFFs of Call Your Girlfriend? Now, podcast mavens Aminatou, Ann, and Gina deliver straight to your inbox! With their signature humor, joy, and spark, they offer up glittery, GIF-filled, girl-power-fueled brilliance. They round up articles you might have missed (like this one from Adequate Man that teaches guys about periods!) and brighten your day with all the wit and love you look for in a bestie. If you’re into good puns, tasty recipe recommendations, and a fresh and bold perspective on all things womanhood, The Bleed is made for you!


Ask Polly

Okay, okay, it’s not technically a newsletter, but signing up for a weekly delivery of advice from “Polly” is the best gift you can give yourself. “Polly” – really The Awl’s Heather Havrilesky – is the supportive-fairy-godmother-meets-brutally-honest-older-sister advice columnist every girl needs. She responds to letters with spot-on psychoanalysis and a commitment to helping women navigate romance, family, and their own psyches. She’s not afraid to call a girl out and doesn’t let anybody off the hook, but she’s also wise and compassionate and a seasoned mentor to many. If you enjoy a good reality check and thinking about the psychological work of a relationship, Polly’s your girl.

Spice up your inbox (and your morning commute) and subscribe to some of the best newsletters from the best boss ladies! What could be better than a daily dose of feminist knowledge and a sprinkling of sparkly AND politically topical gifs?! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


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