5 Empowering Feminist Instagram Accounts to Follow ASAP

5 Empowering Feminist Instagram Accounts to Follow ASAP

Instagram feeds are often full of glamorous selfies from our favorite celebrities and inspirational quotes that the same accounts post every week.

While both of these types of images can be artistic and empowering in their own way, the social media platform has much more going for it. With the large number of young females using the app, it is not surprising that many iconic feminist Instagram accounts have sprung up in the past few years. These progressive accounts use the social media platform to advocate for gender equality and the many issues facing minority groups around the world.

The following accounts are just a few examples of the many awesome feminist Instagrams taking over the internet.


1. @AmberTheActivist

Amber Amour is the founder of the “Stop Rape. Educate” campaign to “end sexual violence against women, men, and children by educating the public on rape culture, consent, and healthy boundaries”. Her Instagram account consists of a variety of posts regarding intersectional feminist ideology, from body positivity to support for the work of other feminist figures.


2. @CarolRossetti88

The Instagram account of Carol Rossetti is a perfect example of how art and feminism can come together to share important messages. Rossetti is Brazilian artist who gained internet fame a few years ago for her series, WOMEN. The series unapologetically depicted the issues facing women today. Her account continues to showcase her work, which focuses on various aspects of feminism including abortion, sexual assault and body image.


3. @JanetMock

Janet Mock is transgender activist and author. Her memoir, Redefining Realness, is often mentioned in discussions regarding intersectional feminism. On her Instagram account, Mock shares a variety of photos that give followers a glance into the behind the scene action of her life.


4. @Feministastic

Feministastic is an Instagram account dedicated to promoting the thoughts and beliefs of the intersectional feminist. The account’s main purpose is to defeat the kyriarchy which is the system that keeps all intersecting oppressions, such as race, gender, class, sexuality, disability, religion, and ethnicity, in place.


5. @MattMcGorry

To round out the list of feminist Instagram accounts, a particular male actor and gender equality advocate had to make the cut. Matt McGorry stars Bennet on Orange is the New Black and as Asher on How to Get Away With Murder. According to the description on his Instagram account, McGorry is also an activist and intersectional feminist. His intersectional feminist ideology is frequently expressed through posts that call attention to instances or privilege, inequality and oppression in society.


In short, if you want to add a daily dose of gender equality advocacy to your Instagram feed, make sure to check out and follow these five empowering feminist accounts.