Feminist Activities to Bring to Your College Campus

Feminist Activities to Bring to Your College Campus

Gender equity events are a great way to connect with other members of the feminist community.

Connecting with people who have similar viewpoints as an activist can be vital to your mental and emotional health, but it’s especially important during your college years. Finding an active and fulfilling feminist community can help you make friends, find mentors, and fight the patriarchy all at the same time.

Here are some fun and informational feminist themed events that will work great for campuses and organizations of any size.

Walk Against Victim Blaming

A Walk Against Victim Blaming is an updated version of what is widely referred to as the “slut walk.” The walk is a march around your campus that protests rape culture and shows support for survivors of sexual assault and victim blaming. Participants hold protest signs and chant during the march. Many dress in varying degrees of sexy or “slutty” attire, though it’s important to encourage everyone to dress in a way that makes them the most comfortable or is most powerful for them. The walk is a chance to empower yourself and others. It also serves as a reminder that no sexual assault survivor should be blamed or told they were leading someone on because of what they were wearing. Demonstrate that the “she was asking for it” has to stop.

Period Panty Donation Party

Period panty drives are not only a great social event for your organization, but it’s also a way to give back to your community. All you need is some tie-dye, cotton white underwear, and a tarp to do it all on. Ask attendees to bring sanitary products like tampons, pads, or menstrual cups to donate to a local women’s or homeless shelter, and in exchange, they get to design their own pair of shame free period panties. This event is always a big hit at colleges because it encourages interaction between the feminist organization and the community at large. Not to mention, everyone loves tie-dye.

Pay Equity Bake Sale

Get your organization’s members to donate or make baked goods to sell at a table during the school day, but set your prices in a way that reflects the pay gap between men, women, and people of color. According to 2013 statistics, this would mean that white men pay $1, men of color pay about 75 cents, white women pay 78 cents, and women of color pay 50 to 60 cents. High schools and universities from all over have been doing equity bake sales for years, and though you’re bound to receive some negative feedback from those who say “it’s not fair” (duh, we know), it’s a great way to start the conversation about the gender gap. Just make sure you have sources for your statistics on hand for the non-believers.

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