Female Vocalists Are the Real Stars of Jack Antonoff’s New Album

This past Monday, Jack Antonoff rereleased his band Bleachers debut album Strange Desires, completely reimaged. Terrible Thrills, Volume 2 features the same songs from Strange Desires but with female vocals. Singers such as Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Sia all sing songs from the original album on this new album. The album is free to stream on YouTube.

Antonoff, who rose to fame as the guitarist of fun., began working on a rerelease of Strange Desires approximately a year ago. His reason for creating Terrible Thrills, Volume 2 began with his love of female vocals, which he discussed in a Twitter post. He wrote about how he typically hears songs in a female voice when he writes and how he wanted people to hear how he interprets the music as he writes.

This is not the first time he released an album a second time with all female vocals. Back in 2010, Antonoff and a prior band of his Steel Train rereleased their self-title album with female vocals. This album is Terrible Thrills, Volume 1. However, these female-only re-released albums are not merely cover albums. Antonoff told Billboard about the most surprising rendition on the album—Tinashe’s “I Wanna Get Better.”

“It was hard for me to imagine anyone else doing [the song], but stylistically her and I are so incredibly different that I was fascinated to hear what she’d do with it, and I completely loved it. It just felt like the different expression of a song that, to me, was so stamped in one way,” he shared.

The original Bleachers album had critical and fan success. This “alternate universe” album will be no different.

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.