‘Elle’ Magazine’s #MoreWomen Video Highlights How Few Women Are in Leadership Positions

As part of ELLE’s #MOREWomen campaign, the magazine released a video to highlight the lack of females in leadership positions across industries and careers. The concept behind the video is how rare it is to see female leaders represented on the world stage alongside their male counterparts. Throughout the video, men are cut out of group pictures of leaders in entertainment, business, international politics, and the media. This results in only a handful of female leaders left standing in these various photos.

In a photo taken of the European parliament, without their male counterparts, current female MPs would only fill a dozen or so seats. Emma Watson is the only female leader to be represented in a photo taken at the United Nations. When all the males are removed, Hillary Clinton is the only woman to remain in the photo of Obama’s top officials. By using these photos in the video, ELLE aimed to highlight how influential female leaders are most often portrayed as standing alone in their respective field.

When the media is constantly flooded with images that underrepresent female leadership, it’s easy to understand why women lack positive public role models. The #MOREWomen campaign is a call to action for women in positions of leadership to be more visible in the media and for female leaders to support one another. There is room for more than one woman at the top.

Cover image courtesy of NBC News.