Edit-a-thons Close the Gender Gap of Online Representation

Edit-a-thons Close the Gender Gap of Online Representation

Beginning this week Art+Feminism, a national campaign that seeks to close the gender gap of online representation, will host its third annual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

Women’s contributions are underrepresented in Wikipedia entries, and less than 13% of Wikipedia contributors are female. Throughout March, more than 125 venues across the globe will host edit-a-thons to generate coverage of women and the arts on Wikipedia and encourage female editorship. The events will also include panel discussions and tutorials to help facilitate research, writing, and editing.

According to Rachel Simone Weil, a professor at University of Texas at Austin where an Edit-a-thon took place last year, “The intent is not to disproportionately overstate the roles of women or downplay the achievements of men through a malicious rewriting of history… Rather, this project seeks to revisit gaps in scholarship and canonical history — places in which the accounts of women’s contributions to society may, for one reason or another, simply not exist.”

Check out the Art+Feminism site to find an Edit-a-thon near you!


Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.