Dove Encourages You to #LoveYourCurls

Dove has moved away from videos about their products and spends more time on what their products are taking care of. And yes, this is the same company that encouraged women to love their curves and showed them that we’re our own biggest critics. They’re now encouraging us to love our curls too, especially if we have little ones that look up to us.

Camilla (6), Aisha (5), Carina (6), Jewel (11), and Angelyce (9) all express disdain at their locks’ natural kink and curve. A big part of this movement is also targeting these girls’ mothers, because these kids learn to hate their hair from somewhere. When these kids see their moms taking to chemicals and calling their hair a nuisance, they project those words onto their own. Likewise, when they see their moms loving their head of hair and having fun with it, like Dove shows in their video, self hate is minimized.

The video has inspired women to share loving words about their curls on Dove’s website. Testimonials from women from California to New Jersey have given their stories calling for women to ditch harsh products and join the #LoveYourCurls movement. Jeanette points out one of the best thing about her hair: “No two curls are the same,” while Chloe writes a beautiful poem about her sister’s gorgeous red head. It’s inspiring and beautiful, and motivates me to leave my waves free.

This video reports that under half of young girls with curls are happy to have them, and with age that number drops even further—only 10% of American women with waves and curls think their hair is beautiful the way it is. The encouragement to nourish not just your skin, but also your self-image, is quite a feat.

Dove has taken an initiative in young girls’ self-confidence. Not only have they been working towards body-love and feeling good with what your momma gave you, they’ve also started a mentor program so that girls develop healthy self-esteem and continue doing what they love. It’s not just Dove though–women’s products like Always and Pantene are moving to change the discussion around females in general, from what doing things “like a girl” means to how the same action is seen differently depending on the gender that performs it. We are paving the way for the newest generation to grow into their skin and love the journey. So let’s put down that straightener and let our curls command space!