Why I Don’t Like the Term ‘Badass Bitch’

Why I Don’t Like the Term ‘Badass Bitch’

The term “bitch” has been thrown around for hundreds of years.

Every time I blink, it seems as if the term “bitch,” “badass,” or even “badass bitch” have taken on new connotations. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes it’s good and bad?

So should women be flattered when they are called a badass or a bitch?

In college, I would have said that it was absolutely acceptable. I believed that the evolution of the term “bitch” was just proof of how far women have come in society. I was so confident in this idea that I even wrote a paper defending my stance on this subject. However, the more I have thought about this particular word, the more I disagree with my college paper and would have to say that being called a “bitch” should not be a good thing.

And here’s why.


1. The Origin of the Word

There’s no question about it, the word “bitch” and “badass” are not, by definition, good things. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the term “bitch” is defined as a “ the female of a dog, a lewd or immoral woman, and something that is extremely difficult or unpleasant.”

Merriam Webster says that the word “badass” means, “ready to cause or get into trouble.”

It is pretty clear that being called a bitch or a badass isn’t intended to be a compliment or something that a person should try to emulate. It is meant to be a degrading term.


2. The Hypocrisy Behind the Word

Yes, I know, I know. Some people truly do use it in a positive way. To some people, being called a “badass bitch” is the biggest compliment.

But to me, there is just too much hypocrisy in that word because it is still being used in a negative way as well. People are still calling other people “bitches,” and they mean it in the degrading sense of the word.

People may be saying that the meaning of the word has evolved, and maybe it has some, but overall, that word is still pretty derogatory and demeaning.


3. The Influence It Has on Young Girls

The term “bitch” is casually tossed around by celebrities, song lyrics, and even in everyday speech. It is becoming so “trendy” that being a “badass bitch” is becoming something that girls want to be called.

This bothers me. Women have come so far in their fight for equality, and it pains me to see young girls wanting to become “bitches.” Like what??? The original meaning behind the word “bitch” is meant to devalue women, we shouldn’t ignore this.


Even if being a “bitch” didn’t originate with such negative connotations, I strongly believe that there are so many other better words that exist. Instead of teaching young girls to become “bitches,” teach them to be strong, resilient, and independent.

I know that the term has evolved. I do. And I applaud society for taking a negative word and creating a more positive spin to it. However, there is still too much confusion and hypocrisy with the word and like I said, there are just so many better words to use.

What do you think? Is it a good thing to be called a “badass” or a “bitch”?