I don’t get PMS, so how will I know when my next period is coming?

I don’t get PMS, so how will I know when my next period is coming?

Our expert: Dr. Cara Natterson

Our resident expert on all things girls. She’s a board certified pediatrician, author of the best-selling book series The Care and Keeping of You, and travels the country speaking about health and wellness issues to both kids and parents.

I don’t get PMS, so how do I know when my next period will come?

You are 100% correct that periods are often irregular in the beginning. That can be annoying, because it makes planning difficult. On top of that, many girls have no PMS whatsoever, so there is no “warning” the day or two before your period starts.

As you get older, you will get better at picking up the subtle clues that your body gives you when you are about to get your period – these are different for everyone and it can take years of having your period before you figure out that a particular ache or swelling is your own personal sign. In the meantime, keep track of your cycles on a calendar and, if it makes you feel more comfortable, use a pad when you think your period might be coming so that you won’t be caught unprepared.

Some girls use a thin pad (panty liner) many days during the month (I know a few that wear a pad every day!) just so that they have something in case of emergency. No one will know you are wearing one and you’ll feel more confident, so that’s probably the easiest next step!

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