Dilbert Pokes Fun at Sexism in Tech

Dilbert Pokes Fun at Sexism in Tech

So it appears that everyone is finally starting to become more aware of the sexism in the tech industry, as illustrated by this Dilbert comic strip:


But for those of you who don’t know, here are just a couple of ominous stats of how bad the sexism in the tech industry is:

  • Studies has shown that starting in college, women are seen as less competent in technology/information fields than men, a trend that continues in the workforce.
  • Half of all publicly traded tech companies have zero (yes, ZERO) women on their boards.
  • Google is an industry standard with just 17% of its company being comprised of women.
  • Only 6% of IT patents in the United States have a female listed as one of the inventors.
  • Only 13% of venture capital deals go to companies with at least one female founder.

Additionally, there’s a subconscious bias in all of the STEM professions, as told by this hilarious (but sad) screenshot:


So, what are we to do about it? For one thing, we need to stand up when we see injustice and sexism in any industry. But for another, women need to support one another up the tech ladder.

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.