Dear Dr. Cara: Is it normal that putting in a tampon is painful?

Dear Dr. Cara: Is it normal that putting in a tampon is painful?

Our expert: Dr. Cara Natterson

Our resident expert on all things girls. She’s a board certified pediatrician, author of the best-selling book series The Care and Keeping of You, and travels the country speaking about health and wellness issues to both kids and parents.

If when using a tampon, it doesn’t go in with out some type of lubricant, is that bad?

Tampons come in many shapes and sizes. Most have applicators, which are the tubes that slide one inside the other as you insert the tampon. Younger women often find that it is easiest to insert the smaller sized tampons or the ones with more slippery applicators (usually made from plastic) – bigger tampons, tampons with paper or cardboard applicators, or tampons with no applicator at all can be more difficult to insert.

If you are using the smallest tampon available and the applicator is one that glide more easily and you are still having trouble, check with your doctor. Some women have vaginal dryness – if that’s you, you’ll want to get your doctor’s advice so that you know how to manage things like putting in a tampon safely and pain–free.

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