The Trick to Bettering Your Life You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Trick to Bettering Your Life You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

As we began on a fresh slate in the new year, it’s often a time to focus on healing and reenergizing so that we can manifest our best selves. People do this in all sorts of ways—new diet or workout regimens, making more time for loved ones, or simply taking more time to be alone to read or journal. All of these are proactive plans, but the creation of a crystal grid is a unique, healing way to start the year right and restore your psyche.

These grids are not so complicated to start on your own, in fact. Here’s how they work: It’s important to begin with a goal in mind and work from there—the combination of geometry and healing power from the earth’s stones channels energies to work toward this goal. Everyone’s grids are different because their goals differ. Whichever stones you’re most attracted to, include them in your grid.

However, for some goals, such as abundance and wealth, jade, citrine, and aventurine possess certain energies that aid in that particular goal. You’re supposed to write your intention in detail on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it in the center of your grid underneath a large stone. Then, with a piece of quartz, draw invisible lines between each stone (this is to “connect” the energies). This site recommends that you leave the grids in your home for at least 40 days.


Okay, so this is interesting and all but does it seem a little voodoo? I thought so, too. But after reading more about it, the grids make much more sense and seem to provoke a powerful earthly force that could shape our lives. One site goes into detail about the healing powers of the grids and likens the stones to human beings, or “citizens of the Earth.” If we all work together to achieve a common goal, the success is much more imminent. The same logic works with stones—instead of using one particular stone for luck, it’s most beneficial to take advantage of an entire network. In addition, we channel the inherent power of Earth’s minerals that could have a powerful effect on the human life.

Grids can be spotted all around the world. Stonehenge is a great example of a “crystal grid” that’s actually made of stone. There are a number of others in England and Scotland as well. The International Centre for Reiki Training installed the World Peace Grid at the North Pole in 1997 and the South Pole in 1999. This grid, made up of copper, gold and quartz contains symbols of the world’s religions inscribed all around its circumference, channeling the peace brought by religion and restoring it upon the polar ends of the Earth.

The Japanese practice of reiki is also known as the “laying of hands” and utilizes this same life force that the minerals bring to those who make crystal grids. Those who actively practice believe that humans can achieve peace, happiness and much more from harnessing and redistributing channels of energy. The common belief is that, “if one’s life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.” These crystal grids use the same energies and are easier to access by people who are not properly trained in this practice.

Today, many people form projects using crystals to promote “planetary healing.” One particular Cherokee legend tells of the power of staurolite stones that, for generations, were burned in a holy ceremony. Once a year, various Indigenous tribes would gather and place their stones in a massive fire that would burn through the night, releasing the combined healing powers of all these stones. Many believe the stones are to thank for allowing safe passages, warding of disease and other natural disasters, and for providing bountiful harvests.

Through these types of stories, it is easy to see how significant these stones could be in our lives. By creating a personal stone network, we too could harness the positive energies of the planet and use them to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us. After all, a little more luck can’t hurt anyone.


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