Check Out FertilityIQ, the Yelp for Fertility Doctors

Check Out FertilityIQ, the Yelp for Fertility Doctors

After struggling to find the right fertility doctor for them, Jake Anderson and Deborah Anderson-Bialis realized that the process needed to be improved.

Their solution is the brand new app FertilityIQ, a Yelp for fertility doctors.

“We’ve realized that finding the right fertility doctor is an incredibly personal choice,” they say on their website. Unhappy with the the arduous process of vetting doctors, they started FertilityIQ, “where the data compiled from a community of concerned patients” helped them, and now they hope to help man others.

The app works similarly to the restaurant-focused Yelp, but with a bit more detail and vetting in the review process. Users are asked to provide carefully crafted assessments of doctors for others to use in their search process. Anderson and Anderson-Bialis treat their app like a friend who has seen every fertility doctor. They skip the skip the jargon, offer thoughtful advice, and keep users’ interests at heart.

To learn more, visit the FertilityIQ site here.


Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.