Chantelle Brown-Young Asks an Important Question About Beauty

The diverse collection of faces that make up the modern fashion industry are helping to redefine the global standards of beauty for all women. Chantelle Brown-Young, an international supermodel and spokeswoman for strong self-esteem and empowerment, seeks to help all women realize their own unique beauty. Brown-Young was diagnosed at age four with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of skin coloration in blotches across the body. For most of her youth, Brown-Young faced torment and ridicule from bullies who pointed out her differences. But for all the negativity she faced, Brown-Young never stopped believing that she could someday achieve her dream of becoming a supermodel.

At the age of 16, a local reporter discovered Brown-Young and shared her story in a video segment that went viral on YouTube. With her mission to help people uncover the true meaning of beauty, Brown-Young soon won over the hearts of thousands of followers on social media platforms. She has since competed on America’s Next Top Model and walked in dozens of runway shows around the world, earning her the title of a role model for young women around the globe.

In her TEDxTeen talk, Brown-Young asks us all to consider an important question: “What is it that we find beautiful about people or things?” She emphasizes that there is beauty to be found in everyone and everything; you just have to take the time to uncover it.

Cover image courtesy of Wild Beauty World.