beccs Debuts A Woman Empowering Single, “Scared of Me”

beccs Debuts A Woman Empowering Single, “Scared of Me”

“If you’re scared of me well, damn, I’m scared of me too.”

On Friday, the world first heard the evocative sound of up and coming award-winning artist, beccs. Her debut single, Scared of Me, begins with a plea for help and ends with a proclamation “I’m not scared.”

“I wrote this song for a friend who was in treatment for trauma,” beccs says. “I was also in treatment at the time for my eating disorder, and I had this night, one of many, when my urges to be self-destructive were really high. I made up my mind that night that instead of giving into these urges, I was going to fight them. I thought of my friend and what a soldier she’s been, but that no one gives her credit. All around me, women are raising each other up, ‘Scared of Me’ is a testament to these women — a celebration of them. It’s reclaiming our fear so we can transcend it. It’s letting you know we’re speaking out. We’re fighting back. We’re not scared.”

“Scared of Me” is soulful, haunting, and downright enchanting. Her lyrics are solid, but it is her graceful and unexpected melody and harmonies that make the song. The song takes surprising twist and turns, keeping you on your feet for the entire listen, but when you need it most, beccs grounds you in the powerful chorus “If you’re scared of me, well damn, I’m scared of me too.”

Beccs began songwriting while in recovery as a way to find herself and her own “unfound beauty.” Six years later, she is releasing her first EP, Unfound Beauty this coming September.

Beccs’ true magic is in her performance. I had the absolute pleasure of watching her perform a few months back. In a dimly lit bar on the Lower East Side, Beccs crooned her way into my heart. She sang of recovery and empowerment and the bravery in loving yourself. Her hands moved wildly and her hair scattered in all directions as her effortless high notes touched the deepest parts of my soul. Self- described as “Fiona Apple meets Tori Amos meets Joni Mitchell,” beccs is truly unlike any other musician. If you are in New York City, do not miss her music video release (of the absolutely haunting song, Therapy) and concert, August 24th at The Slipper Room.

Listen to the song here, follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and view beccs’ website here.

Image courtesy of Louise Palmberg.