A Thank You Letter to My Heating Pad

A Thank You Letter to My Heating Pad

Dear heating pad,

When I first got my period, the worst part was the cramps. I would hold my stomach in pain, thinking that if I cradled it, maybe the cramps would stop. I couldn’t swallow pills, so medication was out of the question. I used a hot water bottle at the beginning, but the water did not stay warm for as long as I would have liked. I was looking for relief to my cramps, and the struggle was real.

Then, my mother introduced me to something that changed my period forever: You, a heating pad. When my mom brought home this hot pink heating pad and told me to try it out, I was skeptical. It wasn’t big and didn’t look too strong. However, I gave it a shot and now I am most thankful for my mom…and my heating pad. Here are the reasons I’m most thankful for you.

You’re my go-to period pal.

When my period begins, the first two things I grab are a pad and you (my heating pad). I plug you into an outlet, turn your switch on, and the electricity warms you up. The electricity goes directly to your inside, but you have a soft fabric outside that touches my skin so I don’t get burned. I am able to work on my laptop with you laying on my abdomen. I am able to lay down and watch TV with you helping my cramps. Your heat helps my cramps so much!





You’ve stayed strong the past six years.

When I took you out of the box, you did not look like anything too fancy. You were pretty simple. Just a plug and some fabric. I remember my first time trying to plug you in. The metal plug was already a little too spaced out, and it took some time to get everything situated. Over time, the plug had stretched into its appropriate position. To think that we have been together for some 60 periods or so is unbelievable. By now, I thought I would have had to replace you. You have lasted longer than any iPhone I have owned. 

You’re so flexible.

I love that I can travel with you. You fold and roll right up. You easily fit in any suitcase. The only thing you require is an outlet and those aren’t hard to find. Besides moving places, you also move with my body. I remember my first night of work. It was late and I came home with a serious backache. I plugged you in, placed you on my back, and you did just the trick. Any type of pain I have, my first thought is to bring you out.


My heating pad will be a life-until-menopause companion for me. I cannot imagine my period without my heating pad. So, thank you, heating pad, for all your help and making each and every period more bearable.

Thank you,


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